High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Wastewater Treatment System
High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Wastewater Treatment System

High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Wastewater Treatment System

High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Wastewater Treatment System, US $ 100,000 - 1,000,000 / Set, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Tecellent, TECWT-6000.Source from Zhejiang Tecellent Machinery Co., Ltd. on Waimaotong.com.

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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Water Treatment System Processing Reverse Osmosis Plant
Waste Water Treatment
Liquid Filter & Liquid-solid Separation
SUS304, Titanium, SUS316L
CE Certificate
1 Year
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Supply Ability:
10 Set/Sets per Month
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1 All the components are wrapped by preservative film and then cotton leather;
2 Electric control cabinet, pumps and other electrical elements packed by wooden case
3 All the components are fixed to the container.
Ningbo, China
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within 45 days
Product Description

High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Treatment System

High-efficiency Electroplating Effluent Treatment System  is composed of pretreatment part, Reverse osmois unit and evaporator. The main subject is to separate slats from water so as to recover pure water.

Process Description 

A . Physicochemical treatment

There is cupper, nickel, chromium, cyanogens, iron and organic matter in the effluent. And part of the metal ions are stable complex compounds. So breaking the complexing, cyanide breaking, chromium VI breaking is necessary to treat the said effluent.

We adopt a common process: iron sulfate to break the cyanide and reduce the chromium, then flocculation reaction and sedimentation. Some adjustment might be taken during commissioning at site.

B. Sand filter

Sand filter is used to remove fine grains, insoluble gel and algal substances so as to reduce SDI value.
The sand filter has good performance of backwashing, high rejection rate, and good effluent quality.
When the pressure difference between inlet water and outlet water reaches a certain value, means the filter layers have been consolidated and the resistance was increased. In order to avoid filter cake forming in the filter layers, we backwash to recover.

C. Ultrafiltratin system

The ultrafilter is used for getting rid of macromolecule colloid, slime, microbe and organics which would cause pollution to the membrane of the RO system. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane become widespread in pretreatment before RO system, especially for wastewater treatment. It is able to reduce the turbidity and the SDI value of the water entering into the RO unit. The ultrafiltration system is composed of dosing system, ultrafilter and backwashing pump.

D. RO:Reverse Osmosis

The working principle of RO is: there is a special high-pressure pump to pressure the raw water till 6-20bar, The hydrone permeates through the RO membrane whose pore size is only 0.0001 micrometer under the high pressure. And the chemical ions, bacterias, fungus, virions can not permeate, they would be discharged.

RO system has been an important equipment in the production of high pure water, sea water desalination, bitter-brackish water desalination, wastewater treatment and others.

The RO elements are installed on the assembly rack, which is complete with pipelines, valves and pipe fittings.

The RO system is complete with a CIP system, for washing when stop, a reducing agent dosing device and an antisludging dosing device. All of the CIP system and dosing device is connecting with RO system, and is running independently.

There is a sample valve at fresh water pipeline and concentrated water pipeline.

The RO system is controlled by PLC program, automatic running.

E. Multi-effect forced circulation Evaporator

Forced circulation evaporator is used for concentration and liquid-solid sepration, is widely supplied in chemical industry, food industry, pharmacy industry and wastewater, is especially for solution which are thick and viscous. And it works under vacuum and low temperature condition, has features of fast flow rate, high evaporating capacity and hard to scale. 

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