About US

WENZHOU TECELLENT MACHINCERY Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of equipments and accessories, intergrating in consulation, designing, producing, installing, commissioning and after-sale service. Our core technology and leading products are various evaporators and crystallizers, which are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, dairy production, starch production, fruit juice&jam production, wastewater treatment and etc. TECELLENT MACHINERY closely adhere to market demands, developing various kinds of evaporators to meet customers demands: Multiple-effect falling film evaporator, multi-effect forced circulation evaporator, scraper type evaporator, external circulation concentrator, central circulation tubular evaporator, jacket-heating concentrator. We also design and provide complete production lines such as complete production line of fruit & vegetable juice and jam, pharmaceutical production line, biological fermentation project, fine chemical projects and etc. The products are designed and produced in strict accordance with industrial standard.